Eden's Magic
Holistic Tincture Blends

Magic dwells in us all. Charging through hearts and minds, carried in waves beyond ourselves to places between words and dreams. The true nature of beauty is love and the vital force that entwines us.

These tincture blends are inspired by the nature of love and the love of nature. Be well, you are most assuredly beautiful.  


Our tinctures are crafted with whole herbs and formulated in alcohol to extract and preserve the readily available properties we seek. Each that ails us invite connection with nature: the ancient solution to our modern health conscience.  We invite the finest seeds and live plants to thrive in our environment here at UnAbandoned Gardens, in turn they grow and encourage and promote our own health and vitality. After harvesting, the herbs are macerated in an alcohol formula for a full moon cycle and poured off to extract a fine herbal tincture, each with its own taste, scent, color, actions, and energy. The magic is working the moment you decide to believe in it, enjoy! 

**Tinctures are an alcohol-based extract.  Use with intent** 

**Children, those who are pregnant, those taking other herbals and/or pharmaceutical medications, and anyone uncertain of herbal processes and uses should take the highest of considerations before beginning tincture use. All who are curious, need only ask.** 

**The vast herbal realm leaves no human able to claim cures, treatments, prescriptions, heals, or otherwise medical treatment for another human. We are sharing educational information, resources, and personal experience only.** 

**Please consider your own medical care and practices with high priority, using herbal and plant magic with intent and care**

Topical Salves

Whole plants extracted in oil, blended with beeswax and applied topically with