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A magical kitchen remodel. Full of custom builds and features. 

Full Video- click here for the short cut. 

Transformed into open, functional space. 

Block work, each cut to precision fit. Electrical outlets, lighting on the pillars, and a gas fire-pit make this a clean, usable gathering space. Teamwork at its finest. 

Growing in new light with this modern greenhouse design. Custom built to function in this particular urban ecosystem with style and efficiency. Update videos upcoming all day!

An afternoon cleanup to kickstart a dream. Regenerative and ecologically mindful landscape maintenance and design leads to a beautiful view. 

Custom door framing. 

The 'Short Cut'- Full Kitchen Remodel

Vintage church flooring demo and replacement. Creating a level surface to build a new dream space. The details of stability begin in a solid foundation. 

This new bathroom is even better to experience!

Custom logo sign created for a little (big) curb appeal. 

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