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regeneratively grown, hand crafted herbs 


Herbal salves are crafted with whole plant material, extracted into an oil, and blended with beeswax to preserve the full potential energy of the plant. Our formula for topical salves creates a smooth, effortless introduction of herbs to the body.

Each plant offers affinities to the body in a unique way. As such, the salves will offer varying actions in acute application. Topical preparations are known through many traditions to help minor wounds, burns, fungal and septic conditions. There are even plants known to expel toxins and deep, stagnant wounds. The concept of plants existing, as a catalyst to support the vital force several other lifeforms, is an endless wonder to witness.

Our salves are crafted in tune with the moon cycles. We us organic oils like grape-seed, olive, sesame, and jojoba in the extraction process. Then, blend the herbal oil with local beeswax to a silky consistency.

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