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regeneratively grown, hand crafted herbs 

Eden's Song

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Hawthorn, Lemon Balm, Bacopa, Milky Oats, Tulsi

Extracted in Organic Cane Alcohol

Focus on your favorite song, notice all other noises and thoughts dissipate. This centered feeling, that one can hardly describe is pure radiant being! Environments of the modern world can be busy and overstimulating, but nature reminds us to bring it back to center with some of her generous plant magic.

The cooling effect of Hawthorn plays a gentle tune, calming nervousness and agitated heat. Tulsi, an adaptogen, encourages ease of mind and mindful responses to life. Lemon Balm is a drop of sunshine, and mild sedative that gently calms the nerves. Milky Oats acts to restore the over-worked adrenals and nerves. Bacopa offers peace to the reactive and clarity during a storm.

Hear the song, and vibe into it.

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