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regeneratively grown, hand crafted herbs 

Eden's Crown

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Wood Betony, Jamaican Dogwood, Black Cohosh, Ginger

Extracted in Organic Cane Alcohol

Most folks know the phrase 'stuck in your head.' More than words, this is felt and experienced as a voice repeating itself to nobody but you. Headaches and head tension hold onto this sensation and radiates signal to the nerves. Wood Betony guides the mind to a place of peace and helps clear the stagnant thoughts. Jamaican Dogwood lends itself to calming tension and spasm of the mind and surrounding tissues. Black Cohosh can create a shift in the melancholic, especially those who ruminate, and still suffer, of past torments. Ginger drives the formula and stimulates circulation of fresh blood to the brain.

In the moment migraines and head ache inducing situations can rival ones majestic nature. Yet, you are the ruler of your kingdom! From toes to crown and beyond.

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