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Burnt Out? Tincture Blend

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Blend of : Lions Mane Mushroom, Milky Oats, Gotu Kola, Cayenne

Support for the adrenal and nervous systems. Nerves that are tired, and overworked, bathe in the nourishing aspects of Milky Oats. It also offers relief for adrenal burn- out and depleted reserves. Lion's Mane Mushroom is known for its tendency to regenerate nerves and find new neural pathways. Like other mushrooms, Lion's Mane is a tonic support to the immune system and contains polysaccharides that nourish and store vital energy in the body. Gotu Kola rounds out the formula and stimulates vitality, supporting cognitive function and overall well-being

Burnt Out? is best taken as a tonic, daily until the bottle is gone, and can aide in the restoration of fried nerves and fatigued adrenal system.

A big hug you’ve been waiting for. Reminding you to go at your own pace, take time to nourish your temple, and remember how magical you are.

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