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Psychological Fitness training is an 8 week course designed to lead you down this garden path of life, giving you a taste of all the possibilities it holds.

Together, we will embrace the power of permaculture's principles.

I would be honored to be your guide!

- Cris Fellows RN, BSN, HNB-BC, Certified Psychological Fitness Trainer

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is how we help the Unabandoned garden to thrive! The 12 core principles can be applied in the gardens we grow and our lives.
Today is a great day to thrive!



  1. Observe and Interact- Engage with reality from open, aware, presence.

  2. Catch and store energy- Create and sustain high levels of energy, focus, and effectiveness.

  3. Obtain a yield- Do what matters

  4. Apply self- regulation and respond to feedback- Skillfully manage your internal state, stress, habits, emotions, perceptions and belief systems in ways that lead to optimal well- being.

  5. Use renewable resources- Be unlimited.

  6. Produce no waste- Avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and deteriorating health; reduce discontent, fear, anger, self criticism and sabotage.

  7. Design from pattern to details- Reflect; finding the big picture and serving life and all of it's details from there.

  8. Integrate rather than segregate- Bring together all parts of yourself.

  9. Use small and slow solutions- Apply practices consistently and lovingly.

  10. Use and value diversity- Tap into a virtually untouched part of your being waiting for you to show up.

  11. Use and value the marginal- Find growth, in fact the most exciting, wild and explosive growth, at the marginal edges of your being.

  12. Creatively use and respond to life- Trust life. 



Courses will begin in March 2020.

Contact Cris Fellows via email for more information.