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Mindfully working, with once abandoned urban lots, to create a balanced environment for plants, people, pollinators, and city wildlife.

Urban Herbal Crafting 

     Unabandoned began as a garden project for the Fellows Family in 2014, utilizing the ever growing vacant lots in the city of Youngstown. The goal being to create a powerful and sustainable ecosystem within an urban setting, using permaculture techniques to introduce fruit trees and bushes, vegetables, ornamental flowers, and our beloved medicinal herbs. 

     The garden is lovingly tended by Cris and Emily Fellows, and the helping hands of family and friends, creating a magical place for plants and people.

     Cris is certified as an RN,  Holistic Nurse, and Psycological Fitness Specialist. She has been herbal crafting for many moons, studied intensively with other herbalists, and gained wisdom through experience. 

     Emily has been involved in herb crafting since her teenage years. Learning the craft through personal experience, herbal coursework with esteemed teachers, and community herbal endeavors. 

     The abundance of growth radiating from Unabandoned led the family to the ability to produce herbal products from an urban setting. Products are prepared in tune with moon cycles, with clear intention, and with mindful practice of ingredients and processing. 

     The craft is ever expanding as the world changes, the garden grows, and the needs of the people are revealed. The experience at Unabandoned is pure magic, in person and vicariously through the helpful plants that create the Unabandoned products. When what ails you leads to seeking plant magic, may Unabandoned Herbals find you and may you embrace the magic! 

Blessed Be.

All Love.

Together is our 
favorite place to be.

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