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What's in a name? 

Abandoned is defined as deserted and forsaken. 'Un' is a way to say no more. 

Located in Youngstown, Ohio

We began growing many moons back, but about 10 years ago new seeds were planting in our hearts. Several urban lots are now home to hundreds of native plants, fruit, herb, and vegetable species. These sites were once abandoned and desolate, but now flourish as a natural wonder. 

The garden designs are influenced by permaculture principles and inspired through patterns in nature. Starting with the soil, we have encouraged vital diversity in our ecosystem by re-introducing native species and nutrient dense plants to the urban landscape. Check out our blog for a visual journey through our gardens.

Many of the plants growing are cited across traditions for their medicinal qualities and can be crafted into herbal tinctures, salves, oils, teas, and more. A family of herbalists share the wonder of plant magic by growing, harvesting, and crafting fine herbal extractions. Click here to view our line of herbal tincture blends and salves. 

We offer a wide set of skills and fresh perspective for designing functional landscape or modern building in any space. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Email us for garden tours, workshops, and classes.

Permaculture Design Development

Growing with intention to regenerate the soil and invigorate the soul

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"After years of playing in the dirt, we still have much to learn." 

Permaculture is a vast way of life. A verb, more than noun. 

Simply, it is a functional relationship between any species in an environment, naturally occurring or through influence. 

A human plants a tree, provides care, and fertile soil. The human has invested energy into this tree. Time and love at the helm. 

The tree in turn scrubs clean the humans air, provides shade, and indeed fruit to eat too! The tree and the human support and nourish the vitality of each other. This is a microcosm of the inhale and exhale of the planet and her inhabitants. 

We offer a fresh perspective and an eye for incorporating food, medicine, and native plants. Transforming high maintenance/ low output grass into abundant garden space is magical. Urban environments CAN be a bountiful work of art and an inspiration for community. 

If you're ready to garden, but need guidance to get things growing, we are here to help. 

Email us for more about our design services and a tour of our gardens. All love.

Come see the magic in motion and be inspired to grow your own. 

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