Unabandoned Gardens

A Bio Regenerative Project


Our Roots


Unabandoned began as a dream of the future, brought on by laments of the past, and a vision of growing in the here and now. Whilst aspiring to self healing there was a magnetic knowing that self and natural world could only heal together. By participating with nature, and allowing the natural world to reflect upon us, there became a notion for growth in the urban cityscape that we dwell. 
In tune with where we are rooted, the initiative began with three vacant lots, abandoned in each sense of the word. Those lots have become the lush gardens gleaming from the urban terrain, and have expanded to multiple locations across Youngstown's South Side. Medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, native trees and plants, and fields of flowers are free to be themselves as they enhance the native ecosystem, which we are so graciously welcomed into. 
Our products reflect a duality that is a thriving relationship between the effortless and intricate. The process of growing in terms of location, resources, and know- how is one of many facets. The medicine of plants is vast and complex, with variations based on locale. traditions, practices, and other learned disciplines. However, the final products retain the effortless nature of plant medicine.



Medicinal Herbal Magic

Grown and harvested with intent to regenerate the soil and invigorate the soul.

Alternative medicine concept. Herbal med
Homemade lip balm made from beeswax and
elderberry soup elder berry food.jpg

Herbal Tinctures

Medicinal Salves & Oils

Harvest Share & Dry Herbs